Adding Games

We have links to lots of fantastic free online adding games to help you practise addition skills. Start with counting and combining two groups of objects then move on to recognising the plus and equals sign. Playing lots of adding games will help children to learn and memorise number bonds, which will give them a head start when they move on in their maths journey.

Click on any play button and the game will open in a new window:

Maths Games - Adding Games - Thundergoats


Thundergoats is a well thought out game. First, you can choose whether you are using a touchscreen or mouse. When you’re presented with an addition sum, you can try out different “thinking tools”, such as a numberline, tens frames, doubles etc. so it’s a great way of trying out different methods and seeing which work best in different circumstances. In the

Maths Games - Adding Games - Penguin Party

Penguin Party

Penguin Party starts with a menu that allows you to select the starting numbers you’d like to use. If you choose 1 and 2, then each addition sum will begin with 1 or 2. The number to add could be any number from 1 to 9. e.g. 1 + 4, 2 + 7. If you click the penguin showing the correct answer, they will get a fish.

Maths Games - Addition Games - Save the Whale

Save the Whale

First choose which number bonds you’d like to practise. Then you have to decide which piece of pipe to add to take the number up to the correct total. Click the wheel to turn on the tap and save the whale.

Maths Games - Addition games - Animal Addition

Animal Addition

Two sets of animals are presented and represented as an addition sum at the top of the screen. You will be asked how many animals there are altogether, which a choice of 3 answers. Once you’ve clicked the correct answer, a numberline is displayed and the animals are moved into position, which helps to reinforce how a numberline can be used.

Maths games - Addition Games - Space Race

Space Race

Space Race is a deceptively simple game which is fun to play. Your rocket can only land on yellow squares. You have to choose the number that will take it to the next yellow square. As you progress, another rocket is steadily moving along the line trying to beat you to the finish.

Maths Games - Adding Games - Mission Addition

Mission Addition

In this fast-paced game you control the rocket using the arrows on the screen. Once you’re in position under a meteor, click a number to fire – if it’s the correct answer to the sum, the meteor will be blasted away.

Maths Games - Adding Games - Tug of War Addition

Tug of War Addition

Click on the correct answer to pull you opponent towards the water. Don’t take too long, as you’re constantly being pulled slowly towards the water yourself. This game is a great way to practise and recall addition facts.

Maths Games - Adding games - Robot Addition

Robot Addition

Choose whether to practise addition up to 10, 15 or 20. Drag the robots to the correct answers – there’s a numberline on screen to help. When you’ve dragged all the robots to their answers, click check to see if you’ve got them all right. If you have, they will light up.

Maths Games - Adding Games - Alien Addition

Alien Addition

Practise your addition skills with this fun space invader style game. You can choose the range of numbers that you want to use and the speed. Use your arrow keys and spacebar to move into position and shoot the flying saucer with the correct answer.

Maths Games - Adding Games - Adding Machine

Adding Machine

Press the buttons to get an addition question to solve. Count up the two sets of objects and click the correct total. A numberline is provided, and the items you’ve caught are counted into the line one by one once you’ve answered the question correctly.

The Importance of Learning Number Bonds

Maths Games - Number Bonds - Abacus
Photo by luis arias on Unsplash

In the journey of mathematical development, mastering number bonds is a pivotal step for children as they embark on understanding addition. Number bonds serve as the building blocks for more complex mathematical concepts and pave the way for a solid foundation in arithmetic. This article explores the intricacies of how children learn number bonds and its significance in their early mathematical education [continue reading]