Times Tables Games

Here are a selection of games which will help children to learn about multiplication. There are games to practise counting on in 2s, 5s, 10s etc. and lots of times table drills. Practising times tables using online games helps to reinforce these important facts without it being a boring chore.

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Maths Games - Times Tables Games - Duck Shoot

Duck Shoot

First of all you can choose which number steps you want to count in, e.g. 2, 3, 4, 5 etc. Then you are given a target and a starting point. Count on in steps of the chosen number to find the correct target.

Maths Games - Times Tables Games - Super Maths Bowling

Super Maths Bowling Multiplication

You can choose to practice a specific multiplication table or alternative select all the targets for a specific year group. When you’ve answered enough questions you will get a chance to bowl.

Maths Games - Times Tables Games - Coconut Multiples

Coconut Multiples

This game has options to practise an individual multiplication table, or a range, such as 2, 3, 4 and 5 times tables etc. You can also choose whether to go up to a multiple of 10 or 12. All you have to do is click on all the coconuts which show a multiple of the number at the top. When you’re sure that the remaining coconuts are not multiples of the top number, click done to check if you are correct.

Maths Games - Multiplication games - Multiplication Tile Crash

Multiplication Tile Crash

You can choose from three levels – Easy, Medium and Hard. You will be given a target number, and you have to drag across an equation which will match the target, a bit like in a word search (horizontal and vertical, no diagonals).

Maths Games - Times Table Games - Funky Mummy

Funky Mummy

This game actually allows you to practise all sorts of number facts, including addition, adding three numbers, doubling etc. You can choose what you’d like to work on in the inititial menu screen. If you select times tables you can put a check mark against each table you want to practise.

Maths Games - Times Tables Games - Caroll
Diagram Multiples

Caroll Diagram Multiples

This game will get your brain cells working while you go over some multiplication facts. A counter will appear on the left with a number on it – you must drag it into the correct place on the Caroll Diagram.

Maths Games -
Times Table Games - Penalty Kicks Multiplication

Penalty Kicks Multiplication

This game tests your knowledge of all single-digit multiplication tables. Swipe to kick and then answer a multiplication question.

Maths Games - Times Table games - Magic Multiply

Magic Multiply

In this game you have to find the answer to a multiplication question. If you can’t see the answer on the screen, you can drag the background around or click on a number near the edge to move the view. The aim is to find the correct number before the time runs out.

Maths Games - Multiplication Games - Snowball Smash

Snowball Smash

In this game you can choose from lots of different maths topics. You have to answer a set of questions, then you can take part in a snowball fight where you drag to choose the angle and power you want to throw at.

Maths Games - Times Tables Games - Pop n Drop

Pop n Drop Multiplication

First choose which times table you’d like to practise. Drag to select two adjacent numbers (horizontal, vertical or diagonal). A list of possible answers will be shown where you can select the correct one. If you’re right, your selected numbers will pop and new numbers will drop in. See how high you can get your score before the timer runs out.

How to Help Children Learn Multiplication Tables

Multiplication Blocks
Image by an_photos from Pixabay

Learning multiplication tables is a fundamental skill that forms the basis for more advanced mathematical concepts. Helping children grasp multiplication not only enhances their arithmetic abilities but also fosters problem-solving skills. Here are some effective strategies to make the process engaging and successful

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