Decimal Games

These free online decimal games will help you to learn all about decimals and how they relate to fractions and percentages.

There are lots of different decimal games to choose from. Many of them have different levels so that you can pick the right level of learning for you and improve your skills.

Click on any play button and the game will open in a new window:

Maths Games - Seadog Decimal Rounding

Seadog Decimal Rounding

Choose the ship that answers the decimal number rounding question. To aim and fire, hold down the left mouse button while the cannon rotates. As son as it’s pointing where you want it to go, release the button and it will fire. It’s quite tricky, but good fun.

Maths Games - Compare Decimals Game

Compare Decimals

This is a simple but very useful activity to help with an understanding of decimal numbers. Two numbers are presented, and you have to draw a greater than or less than sign, to indicate which of the two numbers is larger/smaller.

Decimal Place Value Bones Game

Decimal Place Value Bones

You are presented with a decimal number, and asked to find the value of a specific digit, e.g. the tens digit, the ones (unit) digit or the tenths digit. Make sure you read the question and find out which digit you’re being asked for. Click on the bone with the required value, then click the dog to check your answer.

Monty's Maths Wall Decimals Game

Monty’s Maths Wall Decimals

Matching fractions to decimals is just one of the skills you can choose to practise in this game. When a fraction brick appears, use the arrow keys to move it into a place where it will match the correct decimal number. Lots of levels to choose from.

Decimal Place Value Pirates Online Game

Decimal Place Value Pirates

This activity involves identifying place value to find the pirate with a specific number in a place such as tens, ones, tenths or hundredths.

Maths Games - Match Fractions, Percentages and Decimals

Match Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

You can choose to work two or three concepts from fractions, decimals and percentages. The game starts with a partially completed puzzle – your job is to place each new puzzle piece in a position where its value matches.

Decimal Games - Planetary Order Decimals

Planetary Order Decimals

The aim of this game is to visit the planets in order, starting with the one with the lowest decimal number, then moving to the next higher number and so on. The planet with the spaceship on it rotates, so you have to click to launch it when it’s pointing towards the planet you’re aiming for.

Decimal Addition Crane Game

Adding Decimals Crane

Solve the decimal addition problems to move the correct answer onto the matching platform. You can drag the boxes, or operate the crane using buttons (instructions in the game menu top right).

Maths Games - Decimal Number Line  Quiz

Decimal Number Line Quiz

A multiple choice quiz where you have to find where a decimal number would be placed on the number line. Sometimes you will have to “read between the lines” as the number is between two markers on the scale.