Fraction Games

These free online fraction games can help you to learn how to recognise different fractions such as one quarter, one half, two thirds. There are games to help with recognising equivalence, such as one third = two sixths, how to cancel fractions down and to practise comparing and ordering fractions.

Click on any play button and the game will open in a new window:

Maths Games - Fraction Games - Fractions Intro

Fractions Intro

This is a collection of three activities which allow the user to explore fractions by clicking and dragging objects. It could be used for whole-class teaching as well as individually.

Maths Games - Fraction Games - Fruity Fractions

Fruity Fractions

The monkey takes part of the whole fruit slice and you have to identify the fraction that is left. The game uses half, quarter and thirds, plus there’s a checkbox to also include fifths and sixths.

Maths Games - Fraction Games - Fractions Equality

Fractions Equality

There are two activities available a fraction equality lab where you can compare two fractions using different representations, and a fractions equality game. In the game, you have to choose two fractions that are of equal value.

Maths Games - Fractions Games - Firepit Fractions

Firepit Fractions

This game has three levels – Year 1 has halves and quarters, Year 2 has halves, quarters and thirds, and Year 3 halves, quarters, thirds and fifths. You will see a fraction in the smoke from the firepit and have to choose the matching sausage or bread from the pictures.

Fractions of Numbers Mini Golf Game

Fractions of Numbers Mini Golf

This game has lots of levels to choose from. You have to find fractions of numbers. When you’ve correctly answered a number of questions you will be rewarded with a mini golf game.

Maths Games - Fraction Games - Fraction Fresco

Fraction Fresco

There are three levels in this game, one aimed at Year 1 and two for year 2. The art dealer will ask you to paint a fraction of the circles in a particular colour. You can make the remaining circles any colour.

Crystal Crash Fractions of Numbers Game

Crystal Crash Fractions of Numbers

This game has lots of options to choose the level of questions you’d like to answer. A question will be displayed at the top. Click and drag to aim and fling the troll’s axe at the correct answer.

Fraction Games - Deadly Doors

Deadly Doors Fractions

This game is a little bit different! You have to open a series of doors within a time limit to get to a deactivation button and stop the self-destruct process. You must turn each dial the amount requested, but it must also be turned in the direction specified – clockwise or anti-clockwise. Get it right and the door will open.

Maths Games - Fraction Splat

Fraction Addition Splat

Choose from six different levels, then add the fractions and click on the correct answer. At the simplest level the denominators match, but in higher levels you’ll have to simplify the fractions before you add the numerators.

How Parents Can Help Children Learn About Fractions

Use Everyday Objects: Incorporate daily items like pizza, fruit, or candies to visually demonstrate fractions. Show how slicing or sharing these items can represent parts of a whole, making the concept more tangible for children.

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