Shape Games

These free online shape games will help you to recongise the most basic 2d shapes such as circles, squares and triangles to the more complex 2d and 3d shapes. You can learn more about their features, including number of sides, size of angles and tessellating patterns.

Click on any play button and the game will open in a new window:

Shape Monsters 2D Shape Matching Game

Shape Monsters 2D Shapes

In this game you have to drag each shape that appears to the matching shape monster. If you get it right, you will hear the name of the shape.

2D and 3D Environment Shape Matching Game

2D and 3D Environment Shapes

You will need to be able to identify 2D and 3D shapes. Drag the green shapes at the bottom to the photograph of an environmental object which is the same shape. This is a useful game as 3D shapes are often mistaken for 2D shapes in the early stages, e.g. circle/sphere.