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Counting Games

Counting Games

These free online counting games will help to develop early number skills. There are lots of different games to practise different skills, such as putting the right number of cherries on the gingerbread men, counting the spots on a ladybird and putting numbers in the correct order.

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Gingerbread Man Counting Game

Counting Games - Gingerbread ManThere are three different counting games to choose from and for each game you can use numbers up to 5 or up to 10. In one game you drag the gingerbread man to match the number of buttons to a numeral. In the second game you put the right number of cherries on and in the third game you count the cherries and click the matching number. WMNET.

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Number Words 1 to 6

Counting Games - Number Words 1 to 6

Match the numbers to the words in this simple memory game. Click a card on the top row to turn it over, then click one on the bottom row. Try to find the matching cards.

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Counting to 6

Counting Games - Counting to 6

A simple memory game which involves counting up to six objects. Click a card on the top row then count the objects. Click a card on the bottom row to see if you can find the matching number.

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Garden Counting Game

Counting Games - Garden Counting

There are two levels. In the easy game you have to find the objects and count them then type in the number. In the harder game it's not so easy to find the objects and you have to type in the number and the number word too. ABC Count Us In.

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Number Words to Twenty

Counting Games - Number Words to Twenty

Match the numbers to their names, e.g. 3 = three. Click a card at the top to show a number then a card at the bottom for a word. You will need a good memory for this game!

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Whack a Mole

Counting Games - Whack a Mole

Start by clicking the number 1 mole, then click number 2 and so on. It doesn't matter if you click the wrong mole, it just waits for you to click the correct one. The counter at the top shows you the last correct number you clicked, so if it shows five, you need to click mole number six next.

This game must have an end somewhere - I got to number 100 and it still kept going! ICT Games.

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Count Lola's Germs Game

Counting Games - Lola's GermsA fun Charlie and Lola game. Lola is poorly - you can help by catching and counting her germs. It's quite tricky, as they are racing around. Once you've clicked on a germ the matching germs will all stay still so that you can count them. CBeebies.

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Shoot the Ducks

Counting Games - Shoot the DuckCheck the number at the bottom of the screen the shoot the fairground duck. The ducks don't have numbers on them, so you have to work out which is the correct duck by counting along the number line. ICT Games.

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Spooky Sequences

Counting Games - Spooky SequencesOne of the spooky ghosts has a question mark instead of a number. You have to type in the number to fit the sequence. In this version the maximum number is 10, but you can choose numbers up to 30.

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Tamba's Abacus Game

Counting Games - Tamla's Abacus

Tamba's Abacus has three different games. In game 1 you click on the numbers and sing along to "This Old Man". In the second game you can choose a number then listen and count along as the beads move. For the third game you have to press the space bar a set number of times to count out the beads. CBeebies.

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Caterpillar Ordering Game

Counting Games - Caterpillar Ordering Game

On the first screen you can choose the minimum and maximum numbers you want to use. You could choose zero to 10 or up into the thousands. Then all you have to do is drag the buds onto the branch in the correct order (not consecutive numbers). When you've finished, click on the caterpillar and it will eat all the leaves and change into a butterfly. ICT Games.

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Peacock Tail

Counting Games - Peacock Tail

Drag the tail feather with one object on it to the number one, two objects to the number two and so on. A fun way to practise matching quantities to numerals up to five. When you've matched all the tail feathers you find a surprise in the nest!

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Number Match Game zero to five

Counting Games - Number Match 0-5

Practise matching numbers to the number word. Click on a number then drag out a line to the matching word. You can click the check button after each try or wait until you have finished to check the answers.

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